TL; DR: 2018 sucked. Lots of merch/Demons will cease to be in 2019. Will focus more on things like plush and enamel pins.

Greetings everyone! This year has been quite difficult for me. From the failed (first) Kickstarter, the neverending edits to the plush, and horrible show after show after show, if there was ever a year I felt like throwing in the towel, it was this year.

BUT my Momma didn't raise no quitter (sorry, horrible inaccurate grammar), so in 2019 I will persevere! Next year I will have the five new plush and I'm adding many NEW Horror shows to my line up ( I've always loved things that are dark and twisted and I feel that I need to focus more on that (both in terms of conventions and artwork)

I had a friend of mine tell me, "80% of your sales should be from 20% of your products", and that makes complete sense to me. I think I've been too much of the MAKE ALL THE THINGS mindset and I need to whittle that down...a lot.

Here's what's going bye-bye in 2019:
~ Breezy Lesion, Ember Bane, Leper Belle, Lil' Breezy Lesion, Lil' Magma Blaze, Lil' Sin Blossom, Sparkle Plague, and Toxic Popsicle. These Demons, no matter what merch. they're on, fail to sell well at any show that I go to. So, they're getting tossed in the proverbial fire. On Feb. 1 I will pull them from my website, portfolio, etc. They will cease to be. I still like Ember Bane's colors and the pose I used for Lil' Magma so those may see the light of day again, but otherwise, yeah, they're done.
~ 2" Round buttons. They take up space and my mark up is so low that I can't justify keeping them around.
~ 8 x 10 and 11 x 14 Prints. You will still be able to purchase these ONLINE, but I will no longer be selling them at shows.
~ Maybe the small messenger bags. They haven't been selling as well as they used to and they are a ROYAL PAIN IN THE ASS to make, and I hate making them.

Here's what'll be NEW in 2019:
~ More enamel pins! The 3 I did earlier this year have sold really well, so I'm looking at doing an enamel pin Kickstarter this spring to get (hopefully) a lot more. I want to try for Demon de Los Muertos and Fhtagn, with lots of stretch goals.
~ A new Coloring Book. I finally have enough Demons/drawings to put together an all new Coloring & Activity book.
~ I plan on creating a bunch more Squidy Demons. No matter what merch they're on, the Squidies sell better than anything else. Guess everyone likes tentacles ;0)
~ Starting in 2020, I would like to start coming out with ONE new plush a year! These multiple plush Kickstarters are too expensive and way too stressful for me. My hope is that with the funds from Gen Con and DragonCon, I can mostly self-fund the plush with pre-orders helping to completely fund them. Next up will be the Demon de Los Muertos!
~ I love Villains, always have. So, I *may* start adding some fan-art based Villain Demons to the line up!

If you got this far, congrats and thanks for reading everything! I hope you all know that I still couldn't do this weird demony goodness without you and I very much appreciate you all for still sticking with me!


  • MariGrace Russo

    I found your art at SDCC this year. I don’t make it to the art exhibit every year, so I’m not sure if you are there every year. I fell in love with the prints as soon as I saw them. Unfortunately I am on limited funds so I could not purchase from SDCC, but just placed an order for a few prints and buttons. Excited to be receiving them in September. I absolutely adore the concept and hope to purchase more as funds allow in the future.

  • Cherie Buxton

    I always hate that I can’t buy alllll the things I want from you, but I felt it important to stop by and send some love and let you know that for all the nerdy art I fangirl over at Origins, you are always my favorite to talk to and to buy from!! Your works strike the little heart in me and your bright colors (both your hair AND your artwork) brighten up the chaos!! It’s always a pleasure to see you and I hope that whatever you do, you take care od yourself through it!! If you ever need any help at Columbus shows, reach out and if I have notice, I’d happily help you out!!

    Much love and neverending support,
    Cherie Buxton 😈😈😈

  • McCrazy

    Awww, was hoping eventually a plushie of every single daemon. Sad to see that some don’t sell well.

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