10th Anniversary Kickstarter Rewards: NOW - April 6

Nothing shown here can be purchased on this site!  If you would like to acquire anything shown, you need to pledge to my Kickstarter HERE

  • My Kickstarter will run until April 6 @ 7PM EST. 
  • I need to raise $29,400
  • If you pledge, your credit card will NOT be charged unless the campaign is successful.
  • If the campaign is successful and I reach my goal, your card will be charged April 6.
  • You CAN pledge to multiple levels but you must sign into Kickstarter with a different email/pledge level.
  • If I don't reach my goal, no one gets the rewards that they pledged for!
  • Shipping is not included in your pledge.  If the campaign is successful, I will invoice you for shipping once I have the plush in hand.