Electro Cutie

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Electro Cutie XL Custom

  • Electro's body started out as a G3 Styling Star Catcher, and his head from G3 Styling Rainbow Dash.
  • The back right leg was removed and reattached so that he can stand on his own two legs.
  • His wings are originally from a Harry Potter dragon toy, holes were burned into them, and they were then attached to the body.
  • His horns, penis sheath, balls, and portions of his hooves and wings were sculpted with Amazing Sculpt.
  • He has been given a full body re-paint using acrylics and has been sealed using a matte varnish spray.
  • His mane and feet feathers have been re-rooted, and he has been given a new tail
  • His fangs, eyes, horns, hooves, and Booty Mark have been given 3 layers of gloss varnish
  • When on his hind legs he stands approx. 10" tall w/  a 24" wingspan.
*Electro Cutie is NOT a toy!  He is a collectable piece of art and is meant for display only!*
    *Snuzzle is not included.  She is merely shown for scale.