Zenos: Fire & Brimstone Gryphon

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ZENOS: Fire & Brimstone Gryphon

~ Measures approx. 12" long with an 11" wingspan
~ Case measures 18" tall x 12" x 12"
~ Comes with a "pet cage" to keep him out of trouble!  Inside the cage are toys and "food" for Zenos.  In fact, some of his food is trying to escape from the hole in the top.  Zenos also comes with a collar that has his name, my name, and old website on it.

Created using the following materials*:

Mink taxidermy form
Ranched Mink pelt
Sharptail grouse feet
Imitation Owl skull (for the beak)
Dyed pheasant feathers
Rooster feathers
Rooster wings
glass eyes


*Yes, I used real animal parts in these creations.  All skins/parts were given a Rite of Release for the animal before I began.