Kickstarter - Cancelled/Dropped Pledges

Did you miss out on the Lil' Squidy Kickstarter?

Well, this is your chance to purchase a cancelled or dropped pledge and receive all of the goodies and perks that came with it!

You will be added to a special mailing list so that you can also receive all of the updates that all of the other backers from the campaign receive.

Within the next month, you will be emailed a survey asking you to specify which Squidy Plush(ies) you would like to receive.  You will also be asked to specify any other items that were included with the pledge such as magnets, prints, stickers, etc.

Pledges will be listed as non-physical items but this is only so you are not charged for shipping.  You will be sent a shipping invoice once the plush are in hand and I know exactly how much shipping will be.