Pokey Poof Plush

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~ Pokey Poof's wings measure 4" each and are made with an iridescent fabric.

~ Her antannae are bendable as are her wings!
~ Her horn measures 4" tall.

~ Limited Edition to ONLY 400 of each and once they’re gone, they’re GONE!!
~ Each plushie measures approximately, 8.5″  from the tips of their noses to their cute little butts (12" including the tail)
~ Bodies made of super soft Minky with manes, tails and feet “feathers” made with plush long pile fur. This long pile fur was made specifically for my plush!
~ Eyes, mouths, and nostrils are all embroidered.
~ Each plushie has a My Little Demon tag on it’s left ear with the logo on the front and the name of the Demon on the back.
~ Conforms to all toy safety regulations


- “Rabid” Demons are ones that have either open seams or holes in them. I fix them up, then add stitches over where they were fixed and they come with a certificate stating that they were adjusted by me. A portion of their eyes is also colored red.