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Thank you for purchasing a Cancelled/Dropped Kickstarter Pledge!

Here is what is included with this pledge: 

  • 15 Squidy Plush - You may mix and match what quantities you want of what characters.
  • Your plush will be shipped before other backers.

Your email will be added to a special mailing list so that you will also receive all of the updates that all of the other backers from the campaign receive.

Within the next month, you will be emailed a survey asking you to specify which Squidy Plush you would like to receive.  You will also be asked to specify any other items that were included with the pledge such as magnets, prints, or stickers.

Pledges will be listed as non-physical items but this is only so you are not charged for shipping.  You will be sent a shipping invoice once the plush are in hand and I knew exactly how much shipping will be.

About the plush: 
All plush will be approx. 6.25" tall x 8”wide (not including their manes).  Each plush has a body made from Minky fabric with long pile faux fur for their manes, and feet feathers (for Tsunami). Their facial features, Booty Marks, and suckers will be embroidered. Each plush will come with a tush tag confirming that they conform to all safety standards as well as a My Little Demon Hang Tag with the Demon's name on the back!