2013 Calendar

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The calendar itself is 8.5″ x 11″, or 11″ x 17″ when opened.

  • Sept. – Dec. 2012 (first page) – The MLD logo with several Demons surrounding it.
  • January: Demons of the Apocalypse
  • February: Sin Blossom
  • March: O’Hurley
  • April: Lil’ Frostbite
  • May: Electro Cutie
  • June: Inky Poo
  • July: Porny Delight
  • August: Pokey Poof
  • September: Silver Suicide
  • October: Wicked Glitter
  • November: Corpsey Puff
  • December: Minty Mayhem

The calendar features Pagan, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim holidays as well as those specific to the UK, Canada, and Australia!  I even tossed in a few Geek Dates too.

This is  a 16 Month calendar featuring many of your favorite Demons!