Custom Figurines & Drawings Pledge Levels - $70 - $800

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All Pledge Levels come with coloring page, postcard, and ONE new plush!

*PLEASE NOTE* When pledging to these levels, customs will be completed on a first come, first served basis based on your backer #. The earlier you pledge to the KS, the sooner I'll work on your custom. I have the "Estimated Delivery" listed as January 2022. I would really hope that it won't take me that long to finish the last of them, but you never know.  

Yes, you can have your custom and other rewards shipped separately.

You can *request* that I try and I have your custom done by a certain date, but I will not guarantee it!

Several of the levels list either "Regular" or "Deluxe". Regular includes the majority of the Demons that I have created (You can see them all HERE). Boys and ones with wings are now included in Regular!

Deluxe includes Autopsy Turvy, Demon de Los Muertos, Fhtagn Fluff, Jive Turkey, Mourning Wood, Pokey Poof, Poison Apple, Rotten Apple, Zombie Unicorn, and any of the Squidies. Deluxe is also anything that your imagination can come up with! Dr. Who, your OC, Disney characters, whatever!

Pledge Levels #48 ($300 - Regular) and # 59 ($650 - Deluxe) are for a styling sized G4. I have not done any customs in this particular size, but still wanted to give the option of a larger custom.