Electro Cutie Final Draft Prototype

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~ Electro Cutie’s wings measure 4″ wide. His Booty Mark features a purple dinosaur being electrocuted

~ Each plushie measures approximately, 8.5″  from the tips of their noses to their cute little butts.

~ Bodies made of super soft Minky with manes, tails and feet “feathers” made with plush long pile fur.

~ Eyes, mouths, nostrils, and Booty Marks are all embroidered.

~ Conforms to all toy safety regulations

~ Even though this is the approved Prototype his eye embroidery is more ultramarine blue while the regular plush have a turquoise embroidery. ( In photo: Prototype is on the top, regular plush is on the bottom)
~ Comes with a special collar and tag as well as a Certificate of Authenticity.