2023 Shows

Anything in BOLD is 100% locked in and I will be attending/vending at.  If it is in Italics, I have an interest in the show but have not yet secured my spot. 

2023 SHOWS

March 31-April 2 Steel City Con, Monroeville, PA 
April 14-16 Monster Mania, Hunt Valley

May 19-21 Motor City Comic Con - Novi, MI

June 21-25 Origins Game Fair, Columbus, OH

July 28-29 Kent Wizarding, Kent, OH

August 3-6 Gen Con, Indianapolis, IN
August 11-13 Steel City Con, Monroeville, PA 

Sept. 1-4 DragonCon, Atlanta, GA 
Sept.9 Moon Wizarding Fest, Moon Twp, PA 
Sept. 16 - HearseFest, Fowlerville, MI
Sept. 23 Witches Night Out- Volant, PA

Sept. 29-Oct. 1 Monster Mania, Hunt Valley, MD

Nov. 11-12 TORG Gaming

Dec. 1-3 PAXUnplugged
Dec 8-10 Steel City Con