About the Artist


Heather is an award winning Fantasy Illustrator that had previously worked in the Trading Card/RPG industry for 13 years.   She was most known for her work on the CCG Legend of the Five Rings as well as Vampire the Eternal Struggle and World of Darkness (White Wolf Inc./ CCP NA).  In 2013, Heather stepped back from the Gaming Industry to focus exclusively on her My Little Demon brand.

MLD began in 2007 as the result of a small child’s 25 year repressed love of My Little Pony. My Little Demon is a dark parody of MLP, a Garbage Pail Kids for a new generation, if you will.  All of Heather’s Demons are created with tongue-in-cheek, punny names like Trans Ginger, Wang LoHung, and Autospy Turvy and while they may look cute, they are most definitely not created for children! 

To date, Heather has created over 50 unique characters in the Demon line and has no plans of stopping any time soon!  All are created independently of MLP and none are based on any prior or current MLP characters.   Despite what many people think, Heather is actually a Vintage My Little Pony collector with a collection that is in the hundreds and spans many generations!

Heather currently resides in Western PA with her husband, two children, and  four feline minions.