About the Artist


Heather V. Kreiter is the sole creator of a dark parody of My Little Pony called My Little Demon. A Garbage Pail Kids for a new generation, if you will. While her creations may be cute, they are most definitely not for children as they have names such as Porny Delight, Autopsy Turvy, and Wang LoHung.

She started MLD in 2007 as just 6 drawings and has expanded her brand to over 60 characters that have been produced as Plush Toys, Limited and Open edition prints, calendars, coloring books, Limited Edition Figurines, personal checks, and coming soon, a card game!

Prior to creating MLD and up until 2013 Heather worked in the Gaming Industry as a trading card and RPG illustrator. She worked on games such as Vampire: the Eternal Struggle, Legend of the Five Rings, and World of Darkness, to name a few. All of the work that she creates is done in oils or markers and colored pencils.

Heather currently resides in Western PA with her husband and four feline minions.