• Devil's Food Demon Plush (Series 5): Caffiend, Cookie Cutter, and Shroomie Swirl. 800 of each made

  • Lil' Squidy Plush (Series 4): Arch Anemone, Beelzebubbles, Cuddle Pus, Inky Poo, and Tsunami Nomnom.  LE to 800

  • Series 3 (SOLD OUT) : Magma Blaze, Pokey Poof, Wretched Rainbow, Velvet Decay, and Wicked Glitter. LE to 400.

  • Series 2 (SOLD OUT) Consists of Cupcake Chaos, Frostbite, Electro Cutie, Sin Blossom, and Squirty Pie.  LE to 500.
  • Series 1 (SOLD OUT) Consists of Corpsey Puff, Inky Poo, Satana, and Voodoo Vixen.  LE to 750.