2024 Lavender Blush Ride-Along Genevieve

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About the 2024 Genevieve

~ She measures approx. 8" (20 cm) long. 
~ She is the same size as the other Baby Genevieves.
~ Body is made of super soft longer pile faux fur called Mystic Sorbet. It is a sort of tie dyed lavender/ turquoise mix so each Genevieve will be unique!
~ Horns, head ridge, and underside of wings have details that have printed directly onto minky fabric.
~ Face, Booty Marks, and top of wings have embroidered details
~ Claws and back ridges are made of felt.
~ She has a very strong magnet sewn into her belly and comes with a matching magnetic pad. Just place the pad anywhere on your shoulder under your clothing, place Genny on top of your clothing, and she’s ready to go on an adventure with you! Or, just stick her anywhere that’s metal! Your refrigerator! A Lamp! Your car door! Your child’s braces! (I’m kidding with that last one)
~ Each plushie has a My Little Demon tag on its left horn with the MLD logo on the front and the Gen Con logo on the back.
~ Conforms to all toy safety regulations.
~ Comes individually packaged in a sealed plastic bag.
~ No quantity limit on how many you may purchase!

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My Little Demon version of events: 

In the Winter of ‘21 Genevieve went to visit her cousin in Iceland for the Holidays. One fateful evening the two went for a walk to see the Northern Lights. Not paying attention to where they were walking, Genevieve accidentally stepped on and fell through a frozen lake! Being a very large dragon, she quickly sunk to the bottom, passed out, and was encased in ice. 
Despite their best efforts, Genevieve’s Icelandic family were not able to find and rescue her until the Spring of ‘23.* When Genevieve was finally pulled from the lake, she had turned blue from being encased in ice for over a year! She had also shrunk significantly from the cold, which was odd because that usually only happens to male dragons.
Genevieve was slowly thawed and nursed back to health for the remainder the year, however she remained tiny and blue. I’ve gotta figure out some way to get back to my normal color and size, she thought. As the New Year descended upon them, Genevieve said goodbye to her family and set off to find a solution to her problem. 
Much to her surprise, Genevieve’s journey halted as fast as it began. She was awkward and unsteady trying to fly with her now tiny wings. Just as she began to crest Eldfell, suddenly she was enveloped in smoke and a searing heat! Eldfell was erupting, and with such force that lightning, ash, and lava encircled Genevieve. She felt herself shifting, seeing red, and her scales lifting themselves away from her body. Now encased in cooling lava Genevieve plummeted to the ground, where the impact immediately broke her free from her magma cocoon. Shaking her head and trying to get her bearings, Genevieve realized that she had been transformed by the lava!

(I’m still working on the rest 😉)