Cookie Cutter Plush

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~ This character is very special to me as she is modeled after someone who I love very much who used to self harm.
~ She measures approx. 8.5"long, 10" including her tail
~ Body is made of super soft Minky fabric.
~ Facial features, Booty Mark, and legs have been embroidered. Each leg has unique cookie cutter "scars".
~ Right ear features two "silver earrings".
~ The front part of her mane may be flipped to either side of her head but will not 100% lay flat against her head.
~ Her mane, tail, and feet feathers are a long pile faux fur. This fur looks a little sad when you take the plush out of the bag.  I recommend using a small plastic doll's brush to help the mane and tail look "floofy" again.
~ Her Booty Mark is Gingerbread Man with cut marks on his arms and legs.
~ Each plushie has a My Little Demon tag on it’s left ear with the logo on the front and the Demon's name on the back.
~ Conforms to all toy safety regulations.
~ Comes individually packaged in a sealed plastic bag.