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From the Second Batch

All of the plush sold here have some sort of defect so I don’t feel comfortable selling them at full price. 

These are sold “blind bag” style so you won’t know exactly what defect you’re getting until you receive your plush in the mail. You may request a preferred defect, but there is no guarantee as to what you’ll get. 

The majority of these plush have issues where the corduroy on their bellies is messed up in some way.

Other issues include color defects in the fabric, visible “cut” outlines along seams, horns or ears sewn into seams, or body parts sewn together weird. 

See photo of examples.

This is also where you can purchase the first batch of Arch Anemone and Beelzebubbles. These plush have been put through the washing machine to remove the dye that was sprayed onto their manes and bodies. They do not come with tags and are not individually bagged. 

 All of these plush are sold AS IS!  No refunds or returns on them!