Large Rearing Frostbite

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Created: June/ December 2023

  • Base: HQG1C (High Quality G1 Custom) Star Spangled pony
  • All of her old paint has been removed and she has been given a full body repaint using Americana acrylics.
  • All of the old hair has been removed and she has been rehaired with 4 different colors of blue and 4 of white nylon hair that has been boil permed. 
  • She is sealed using Testors Dulcote spray varnish.
  • Her eyes, fangs, horns, Booty Mark, and hooves have been spot sealed with gloss varnish.
  • She is approx. 7” tall and 5” wide.
  • She will come with a signed and dated certificate of authenticity from yours truly.
  • The Demon pictured is the exact one you will receive.
  • She comes with the frozen lake display that you see here. The base measures approx. 10.5” x 10.5”

 This custom is *NOT* a toy! She is meant for display purposes only.