Lil' Squidy Plush Bundle

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~ This bundle comes with one of each Lil' Squidy: Arch Anemone, Beelzebubbles, Cuddle Pus, Inky Poo, and Tsunami Nomnom
~ Each plush measures approx. 6" tall (9.5" including the tentacles and mane).
~ Bodies are made of super soft Minky fabric w/ a dyed ombre on the bottom.
~ Facial features, Booty Mark, suckers, and butt have been embroidered. Arch Anemone’s Booty Mark was printed onto the fabric due to it's complexity and is not embroidered.
~ Bellies are dyed corduroy material.
~ The manes on Arch Anemone and Beelzebubbles are a high quality specialty faux fur that I personally purchased and had shipped to China, specifically for these two plush. Cuddle Pus, Inky Poo, and Tsunami Nomnom all have economy long pile faux fur.
~ Beelzebubbles suckers glow in the dark and her coloring is based off of a Maldives Octopus. Her Booty Mark is an Manta Ray (Devil Fish) blowing bubbles.
~ Arch Anemone is based off of a blue ring Octopus and his Booty Mark is a sea star being devoured by an Anemone.
~ Cuddles Pus' Booty Mark is a squished sea star with pus oozing out of it.
~ Inky Poo's Booty Mark is a Fish Skeleton
~ Tsunami Nomnom's Booty Mark is a Tidal Wave ready to devour with 2 Bouys as it's eyes.
~ Each plushie has a My Little Demon tag on it’s left ear with the logo on the front and the Squidy's name on the back.
~ Conforms to all toy safety regulations.
~ Plush will come individually packaged in a sealed plastic bag.