Zara: Royal Ice Gryphon

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~ Measures approx. 12" long with an 11" wingspan
~ Comes with a FREE light blue cushion for her to sit on.  The cushion does unfortunately have a bleach stain on the back side of it.  This would obviously be the non-display side. Zara also comes with a collar that has her name, my name, and old website on it.

Created using the following materials*:

Mink taxidermy form
Ranched Mink pelt
Sharptail grouse feet
Imitation Owl skull (for the beak)
Dyed pheasant feathers
Rooster feathers
Rooster wings
glass eyes


*Yes, I used real animal parts in these creations.  All skins/parts were given a Rite of Release for the animal before I began.